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Catholic High School Brother Donnan Berry, S.C. Student Center

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The project budget accommodates a re-design and re-installation of a new 500-ton central plant, with space tonnage to grow as the campus grows in coming years. As a campus destination, the new hub is an expansive and flexible space that can house not only students and faculty but the larger school community beyond school hours…The adjacent courtyard of the old Student Union had proven a popular hangout. Here the pavilion centers the greenspace. The pavilion’s eleven brick columns reinforce both the figurative and literal structural alignment between the Student Center and the historic religious residence that will be renovated to form the Learning Commons—emphasizing that the Student Center is not one facility and its courtyard but comprises the Student Center, the Student Commons and the future Learning Commons. The brick columns forming the pavilion name core foundational values of the school, one way in which the legacy story is woven into the fabric of the design.

Catholic High School Brother Donnan Berry Student Center Ritter Maher Architects Baton Rouge