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Rouj Creole Featured on RD+ D Magazine

Excerpt from Restaurant Development + Design Magazine

One of the challenges of this project was to have an open floor plan, as requested by the owners, but still offer different experiences. The designers achieved this by creating different zones using flooring, lighting and furnishings. This can be seen in the banquette seating area, which is designed for more intimate nights out. This space features custom made bench seating with cushions upholstered in a soft but durable velvet-like material, according to Ritter Maher’s Lead Interior Designer Samantha Bastion. Flooring in this section features a chevron pattern, while the light fixtures are smaller and more delicate than those found in other sections.

“To take it from being on one end, which is the most generic, cookie-cutter low design concept all the way to the other end of the spectrum, which is a more authentic, warm, inviting space the people of south Louisiana can relate to was a fun experience.”
– Steve Maher, principal with Ritter Maher

Rouj Creole Ritter Maher Architects Baton Rouge